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BPMN product

Just amazing!!!The first capture is just like a prototype of sky scraper!!

Ferrari Middle East

WOW....these many skyscrapers!!!Its stunning to look at!!!You done a fantastic job!!


Pretty overwhelming to see these skyscrapers. And quite honestly, a bit scary. It would make for an 'extremely extreme' version of Hitchcok's Rear Window. I agree with the comment above that I would get lost trying to find my own home.

Also, it's fun to play around with the last picture on this post by scrolling up and down. Try it.


you'll get lost if you were to live there the first time, all buildings look the same haha!


Ces deux séries sur les immeubles sont splendides et impressionnantes!

Andrew Gould

Great views of these buildings.

Claude B

incroyable, ça donne le vertige, jamais je ne pourrai vivre dans de tels endroits...
en tout cas ça fait des clichés très originaux.
bonne journée


Wow...I am amazed at these skyscrapers. So many!


Looks crazy! I remember I was living on the 33rd floor in Tsimshatsui and I soon learn not to forget anything before leaving in the morning!


Bravo pour le dynamisme de ces photos mais qui ne me donne pas du tout envie d'y aller faire un(e) tour.

yiannis krikis

I like these city patterns - great work

Ashish Sidapara

Remember seeing these on my way to kawloon from the airport, beautiful images.


That is an astounding number of high rise buildings. Thanks for sharing these fascinating pictures - I had no idea it was this densely populated with buildings.


those are massive living quarters indeed.. wouldn't mind living in one with a nice view though.. :) great shots..


j'aime beaucoup la 2 mais est ce bien humain d'entasser des hommes dans une termitières


J'ai des soucis de vision ! :-)


Wow, looks like lego. Cool shots!


Als je lelijke architectuur mooi fotografeert is ze toch nog genietbaar. :-))


J'aime beaucoup la troisième ! Bonne journée.

luna miranda

they look like Legos, Sidney.:P

it's fascinating how these sky-scrappers were built on such an uneven terrain.


Wow, some interesting facts about Hong Kon, I didn't know all this.
I could really take some pictures there.


The buildings look like a Lego work.

Otto K.

I haven't seen these before. Really cool.

Photo Cache

I've seen those hi-rises photographed many times before; but not at these angles. Job well done. So artistic.


J'ai cru que c'était des maquettes, çà donne le vertige, belles photos que tu nous montres.

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